A Lexi Downs Novel

Is it possible to befriend a ghost?

The dead teacher haunting Grendel Hall seems to think so.

I’m Lexi Downs, and ever since I was little, I’ve shifted partway into the Ghost World from sunset to sunrise. Each night, the world of the living grows dim and cold, and the limbo the dead inhabit grows sharper, clearer. Ghosts are like living, solid people to me, and they often confuse me for a spirit like them. This is a problem because they can see me, talk to me, and touch me. And some of them are angry.

When I started as a freshman at Brent College in the heart of Boston, I was hoping to live a nice peaceful life as a student without having to deal with ghosts. But the college is old and the city older, and so there are a lot of ghosts that vie for my attention.

But then I meet a ghost that should not exist.

I’ve heard rumors among the dead of feral ghosts; spirits who’ve lost their humanity and are nothing but beasts searching for prey. I’d never met one. Until this semester.

The feral ghost not only attacks me, but can sometimes attack other living people. Now I have to solve the mystery of what it is, and how it came to be so that I can get rid of it. If I don’t, the Brent College campus will become a bloodbath!