A Lexi Downs Novel

Is it possible to befriend a ghost?

The dead teacher haunting Grendel Hall seems to think so.

My name is Lexi Downs, and ever since I was little, I’ve been shifting partway into the Ghost World each night, which meant ghosts were real to me. I could talk to them and touch them. What’s worse is they could touch me. It was terrifying! I had two choices while growing up: become a victim, or take control of my condition. I think you can guess which one I chose. Over time, my life got easier.

Until I went off to college.

College was as it should be—fast-paced and exciting, and right in
the heart of Boston! And I made plenty of new friends. But I had
to ask myself: Is it really possible to befriend a ghost?

Because the campus spooks threatened my life every night!

And when a Haunt began attacking living people—which ghosts shouldn’t be able to do—all hell broke loose. Now my nights weren’t just dangerous. They were deadly! So, it’s up to me—and my friends, both living and dead—to stop it.

Because if I don’t, Brent College will become a slaughter!