How do you piss off a group of fairies?

Poor Mrs. Mann desperately needs to know, since somehow her family did just that, and the fairies have started a campaign of terror on them. Of course, the police are useless. There’s nothing new there. They’re woefully ignorant in the ways of the paranormal.

When dealing with supernatural baddies, it helps to believe in them.

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  • Book Release!

    At long last, “A Sorcerer’s Guide to Magic, Monsters, and the Mythic World” has been released! Check it out if you’re a fan of YA fantasy set in modern days.

    I’ve also gotten a professional editor working on “Phantom Studies,” which should release early next year. So, this has been a productive month!

  • Book Production

    It’s that time of year! There’s a nip in the air, the smell of baked turkey in the oven, and laying out a brand-new novel so that I can get into your hands as soon as possible.

    I’m doing the initial layout work on my new novel, A Sorcerer’s Guide, while I’m waiting for the final edits to come in. That should happen next week, just in time for Thanksgiving. Then the real work begins!

    Once I have the book ready to go, I’ll open it up for preorders.

    I’m also still writing The Wandering King and editing Phantom Studies. All in all, I’ve been very busy!