A Sorcerer’s Guide

To Magic, Monsters, and the Mythic World

Did I ever tell you I hate vampires?

My name is Malcus Molova, and I’m a teenage sorcerer. That’s right, I do magic. Real magic that can bend reality and do great good in this world. That is if my Aunt Elise would let me. Instead, I’m stuck in a small New Hampshire town pretending to be a normal human. I know so little about them and their culture that it’s hard fitting in. But I suppose it’s a good research project.

Then a vampire attacks one of my classmates. Remember that I hate vampires? Well, now it’s time for me to use my magic. But I still have to be careful not to let the humans know what I can do. Do you have any idea how hard it is to locate and fight a pack of vampires when you have to hide your powers? Well, it’s not easy.

But I’m up to the challenge.

Because if I don’t succeed, I’ll be living in a ghost town before I know it.