A Simon Kane Novel

How do you piss off a group of fairies?

Poor Mrs. Mann desperately needs to know, since somehow her family did just that, and the fairies have started a campaign of terror on them. Of course, the police are useless. There’s nothing new there. They’re woefully ignorant in the ways of the paranormal.

When dealing with supernatural baddies, it helps to believe in them.

That’s why they contract me occasionally. I’m a private investigator, and I only do cases involving the occult and the paranormal. The weird world that no one wants to think exists is my area of expertise. And I have a foot in that door, so to speak. I can see supernatural creatures—or supies, as I call them—through the glamour, they disguise themselves with. So, I’ve got an advantage.

Fairies are targeting the Mann family in some pretty nasty ways. I have to find out what they did to upset the little people and tell them how to appease them before they go for blood.

But of course, things aren’t quite that easy. The Fae are hard to enrage these days. You can’t do it by accident, which means the wee folk may not be the real bad guys in this case. It’s going to take all my effort and every ounce of guts to solve this mystery and put it all right before anyone else gets hurt, including those I care most about!