An Upcoming Novel!

Several years ago, I wrote a great YA Urban Fantasy novel called A Sorcerer’s Guide to Magic, Monsters, and the Mythic World.  I had a blast writing it and my writer’s group loved it. Then I set it aside to work on another project so I could become less personally invested in the story. This helps when you start editing, because the more into the story you are, the fewer changes you’ll want to make.

Long story short, I forgot about it. I let it sit and got really into the new book I was writing and forgot all about A Sorcerer’s Guide.

Well, I’m back at it now, and with a vengeance! I have gone through and completed all my edits of the book and contracted a pro editor to edit it. That’s in progress right now. I also have an artist working on the cover.

What does all this mean?

A new release in 2021! A Sorcerer’s Guide will launch hopefully by early December. I’ll post the cover reveal once it’s ready. I can’t wait for you to see it!