Want Free Books?

Sign up for Brad Younie’s ARC (Advance Reader Copy) Team. Here are the details:


Brad Younie (or his marketing team) will send you a free ebook, you read it, write a review, and post the review on Amazon when the book releases.

Currently, I am looking for reviews of my upcoming Urban Fantasy novel, “Bad Luck,” which you will get a link to as soon as you sign up.


  • The books will be Urban Fantasy novels, so if you’re not into that genre, this isn’t the team for you.
  • Brad only wants honest reviews.
  • Post the review on Amazon when the book is released and on GoodReads and other social sites, if possible, such as Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and other.
  • Once your review has posted please email the link to Brad (email address will be distributed after sign-up).
  • Reviewers will not be removed from the ARC list for giving a low rating. 
  • Reviewers will be removed from the ARC list for failing to review (obviously). 
  • Please disclose at the beginning or end of you review something along the lines of: “I received a free review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.” It’s required by law. 

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