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Thrilling start to a new paranormal series

A private investigator who only accepts cases of the paranormal / supernatural, Simon Kane is an engrossing main character. The story has plenty of well-developed secondary characters who all work together to create a hard to put down story. There is a lot of murder and gore, a bit of humor and a well-crafted tale. I can’t wait for the next installment.


Packed with enough thrills to keep me entertained from beginning to end. This was a great way to start off the series, it absolutely has me interested in reading more of Simon Kane and his fascinating world.

Joscelyn Smith

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Tamuk, a master assassin, is hired to kill the sorcerer who lives in the Dark Tower of the city of Sharkam and rescue the lord's daughter. All who enter the tower have never returned. Can Sharkam's greatest assassin succeed where all others have failed?

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Brad Younie writes books mostly about magic in the real world because he thinks people need a little excitement in their lives. Being an eternal teenager in a man’s body, he owns a collection of swords, wands, and spends way too much time studying these things. A man with many hobbies, he plays guitar, reads books, watches movies, and fences with lightsabers and swords that are a bit sharper. But most of all, he weaves tales of magic and mystery that chills to the bone as it makes the heart race.

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It’s that time of year! There’s a nip in the air, the smell of baked turkey in the oven, and laying out a brand-new novel so that I can get into your hands as soon as possible. I’m doing the initial layout work on my new novel, A Sorcerer’s Guide, while I’m waiting for the …

Several years ago, I wrote a great YA Urban Fantasy novel called A Sorcerer’s Guide to Magic, Monsters, and the Mythic World.  I had a blast writing it and my writer’s group loved it. Then I set it aside to work on another project so I could become less personally invested in the story. This …

I’ve been busy! I’m making great progress doing line edits on Phantom Studies. I’m approaching the climax scene, so I should finish up those edits soon. Then, I’ll switch to copy edits, which tend to go faster, as I can use software to help with it. I’m writing a new novel called The Wandering King, …