Phantom Studies

A Lexi Downs Novel

Alexandria Downs lives a double life. By day, she’s an eighteen-year-old college freshman in Boston. At night, Lexi visits the macabre limbo between the worlds of the living and of the dead. She can see ghosts as though they are still alive, real enough to touch.

The problem is, they can touch her.

She’s lived with this condition all her life and was hoping to finally get a break from it when she moved into a dorm at Brent College. But there’s no escaping the dead—you just have to hope you don’t find the angry ones.

Something is happening to the ghosts on the Brent College campus, transforming them from spirits who can’t touch the living to violent monsters who can target anyone who walks by.

As the only person who can see them, Lexi has to uncover the mystery of the haunted campus and put an end to the monstrous ghosts before they turn on her.